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Why so many Questions?

Why your broker asks so many questions? Ever wondered why mortgage brokers have to ask you so many questions about your financial circumstances? It’s to ensure that fraudulent applications don’t slip through the cracks and that your loan suits your needs now and your plans for the future. Brokers can face claims against them if they submit inaccurate documentation, regardless of whether falsities are the brokers’ intention, a mistake or the result of a client’s dishonesty. It is your broker’s job to find out everything they can about your financial situation and your goals for the future. Not only does the [...]

What Loan is Right for you

What type of loan is right for you?   The array of mortgages available helps a good credit adviser to tailor a package to suit your needs. Here are just some of the options.   Fixed-rate mortgages With a fixed-rate loan, you know exactly how much you’ll pay per fortnight or month for the fixed period of the loan (usually one to five years).   Variable rate mortgages Repayments can change during the life of a variable-rate loan, so you may pay more or less as interest rates rise or fall. If you’re fairly sure that rates are set to fall, [...]

Why use a Broker?

When should I find a finance broker? Saving for a home? If you haven’t met with a finance broker yet, you’re doing it wrong. Here’s why. When saving a deposit to buy a home, many people have a goal amount in mind that they need to save before they meet with a finance broker who will help them secure the finance. If this is you, you’re doing it wrong. From day one, when you first think ‘I could maybe buy a house if I worked hard and saved a lot’, you’re ready to have a finance broker on your side. A [...]